Schlitterbahn water parks & resorts are the most happening place during the summer breaks. Parents and children alike loves to spend their time at Schlitterbahn water parks and resorts. Everyone loves to play in the water during the summer, this makes Schlitterbahns the most popular place to visit and spend time with the family and friends.

Schlitterbahn water park and resort at South Padre Island attracts thousands of visitors during the peak summer season. The water park is seasonal and everyone wants to take the full advantage of all the fun water activities and rides during the peak season.  Schlitterbahn water parks are filled with fun and exciting rides that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

There are exciting rides available at Schlitterbahn. For those who would just love to laze during the summer, you can also do so at the park theme beach areas, you can also enjoy low speed rides like the floating tube or for peace and quiet you can go for underwater dive to enjoy the colorful marine lives. There are loads of activities that can be enjoyed by all during their visit to the Schlitterbahn. You can also book cabanas if you want your family and friends together at one place for a little quality time. You can also reserve luxurious hotel rooms if you are spending a night or the weekends at Schlitterbahn.

Schlitterbahn water parks and resorts are affordable and reasonably priced that makes the water park more attractive and many visitors throng the place every seasons.

Schlitterbahn water parks & resorts also allow visitors to bring their own food which also saves you lots of money. The parking lot at Schlitterbahn also does not charge you any additional fee for parking. Schlitterbahn water parks and resorts thus attract more visitors than other water parks.

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